Best Book Scanners for Business

Whether you need to scan books, or you need to scan some statements, did you know that there are scanners out there that you can buy that will do the dirty work for you?  Instead of opening up the scanner, booting up the software, shutting the lid, and going one by one, why not get a scanner that can feed the paper, and make the scanning a breeze?

These scanners are great for those that want to store statements online, store books, particular papers, or just about anything that you can write down.  I did some research online, and this is what I’ve found to be the best book scanners, as well as regular paper scanners on the market today.

The top 4 book scanners on the market…

  • Pentax DSMobile 600 Scanner: Weighing only 12 ounces, and just 11 inches in length, this user friendly sheet fed design, makes it easy for anyone to store, and scan documents on the go.  It has 4 scanning modes, as well as works with just about any operating system.
  • Fujitsu ScanSnap S300: If you want something that is a little bigger, but gets the job done, you may want to consider this Fujitsu model.  This automatic document feeder, has an optical resolution of 600 DPI x 600 DPI, and instantly creates search-able PDFs from your scans.  If that’s not enough, you can create a thumbnail viewer for easy file management.
  • Ectaco C-Pen 20: Let’s say that you want to scan a book, or a document, but you only want a particular piece of text.   If this sounds like something that you want, you will highly want to consider this pen that will scan over whatever you highlight.  This makes it great for those looking for certain parts of the scan only.
  • Book Scanner by Plustek: If you’re looking for a great book scanner with good reviews, you’ll want to pick up this scanner by Plustek.  It has a fast scan speed of 7 seconds, and can provide color, as well as black, and white copies.  It has a intellilock lock/unlock mechanism that protects the scanner’s operating system, as well as  a reversible reflective document mat built into the lid.

Book scanners not only scan books, but as you can tell they can scan important documents, statements, and so much more.  If your business doesn’t have a scanner, I would highly consider picking up one today.

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  1. Judith Cookson says:

    I have 2 dyslectic grandchildren and need to find a reasonably priced scanner that can read aloud back to you what you or passsages..where to find one???

  2. Judith Cookson says:

    can you tell where to find a scanner that will read aloud back to you what yu scan?

  3. Little AdviceForYou says:

    These are not portable scanners. Anyway you are just looking for some traffic to your site and lead them to a site where you have your affiliation. Some thing wrong you have done is that you have not lead us to the right portable scanners. Those are just regular scanners. Know what you do before you post what you think. This is for the webmaster in charge of this content.

  4. admin says:

    No where do I state that the scanners are portable? These are intended for home purposes only, not on the go. We had it right the first time =]

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