Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

Facebook is a huge portal for business in today’s world, and if your business isn’t on that social media platform, you’re missing out on millions of potential people.  It’s a great way to connect, and it’s a fantastic way to advertise your business for free.

Today, let’s take a look at why you should, and what you should worry about, when it comes down to Facebook advertising.  Regardless, you should consider the service, because it’s free, but it’s important to familiarize yourself with it first, before you do anything.

The Advantages…

  • Market to who you want:  Let’s say that you want 22 year old females that live in Orlando, Florida, and you only want those that love cats.  Well, with Facebook, you can pinpoint who you want to advertise to, if you decide to market with Facebook.  It’ s a killer way to brand yourself, as well as get new customers to sign up with you.
  • Beside pinpointing who you want,  it’s a great way to network with other professionals in your field, as well as meet old classmates.  We all know that networking is essential in the business field.
  • Facebook makes it very easy to communicate with people.  Send messages, as well as see what other people are up to.  This gets rid of a lot of awkwardness that you may have encountered in the real world.

The Disadvantages…

  • Facebook has millions of users, and that’s not the bad thing.  Many marketers day that it’s tough to get people to convert into sales.  It takes a long time to build a relationship, and you may find that it can be hard for you.  Don’t let that get you down though!
  • Facebook is very, very addicting, and can take away from your actual work.  If you have an addictive personality, be careful with this one!
  • You don’t get that face to face contact, as you would at a convention, but don’t let that stop you from networking.  Networking is networking.

Facebook is obviously free, and if you’re not joining the crowd yet, it’s essential that you get your business running with them.  Test the waters, and see what you can do for your business.

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    I like this wall. Could you send me more information about how to make advertision that interesting on facebook. thanks for all

  2. yoga says:

    I’m sorry I mean” How to make advertising that interesting.

  3. Phil @ Outsourcing says:

    Aside from Twitter, facebook is the best avenue for those who want to promote their website or product.

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